Hello from LA.

Been a crazy couple of weeks but all falling into place.   Spent the last couple of weeks trying to scout and piece together the small dying desert town that Jim's character Lenny gets trapped in.   In the Hollywood world we would go build this town in the middle of nowhere, but we don't live in that world so we are trying to find awesome looking exteriors in the middle of nowhere and then looking for interiors closer to LA to make it affordable for us.

Here's a taste of the town....

Isolated gas stations...lonely diners...deserted motels...

 We're still searching for places and probably will right down to the wire.

The cast is coming together.   We hope to do a table read May 2 which will probably be the first and only time the entire cast is together.   And then a week later start rolling some film.   

We hope to have the schedule together this week.   And then shortly after will be in contact with backers who selected the "on camera extra" and "set visit" prizes, to give you options for coming out if you can.    Other prizes are in the works.     We're also going to try and switch over to a standing blog so we can post more regularly.   

That's it for now.   I will be posting a full cast list soon.  Have some wonderful actors on board but until they sign their contracts I am reluctant to post their names just yet.

More to come and thanks as always for your support!

Team Middle Man.