Middle Man, an official opening night selection of the 2016 Portland Film Festival and an official selection of the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival, tells the story of Lenny, a former accountant who takes off for Vegas to pursue a career in stand up comedy only to find himself in the middle of a murderous underworld. The film, directed by Ned Crowley, features acting performances from Jim O'Heir, Andrew J. West, Josh McDermitt, Anne Dudek, Tracey Walter, and Robert Catrini.


The Review:
From the first few moments of this film, you realize it is going to be a very unique experience and definitely not your average, run of the mill night at the movies. For this being Ned Crowley's first directorial effort and second as a writer, the finished product has the same type of polished look and cohesiveness that you might expect from a more experienced film maker. It's honestly no easy task to describe this film as Crowley really takes it into some very surreal spaces which is very intentional and deliberately takes you just off the edge of sanity. While Jim O'Heir turns in a fabulous performance in the lead role, the rest of the cast is filled out nicely with actors you normally see on TV like Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead) and Anne Dudek (Mad Men).


The Verdict:
Middle Man takes cues from the mind bending style of the Twilight Zone series to the outrageously twisted catalog of Tarantino films and really reminds me a lot of Cheap Thrills, another festival darling that went down a similarly blood soaked rabbit hole. Like I said, this one is hard to describe, totally worth the ride, and something you just have to see for yourself.


"MIDDLE MAN is making it’s World Premiere at the Seattle Int’l Film Festival (SIFF).  One of my favourite overlooked comedies is Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy, about a comedian that is not funny, delusional and somewhat dangerous.  I am a fan of stand-up, but sometimes I sit back cringing wondering if I am watching someone on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The concept of someone not being funny, but convinced they are is exactly what attracted me to Ned Crowley’s new dark comedy."




Today we can finally announce that we have been invited to premiere MIDDLE MAN at the 42 annual Seattle International Film Festival. 

This news has been under wraps for a while. But we can now say how thrilled we are to be premiering at such a major festival. The film will premiere Friday, June 10th and again on Sunday, June 12. We have has also been asked to be part of a director panel on Saturday, June 11.

The SIFF 25-day festival is renowned for its eclectic programming with over 450 features, short films and documentaries from over 80 countries annually.

It is the largest and most highly attended film festival in the US.

MIDDLE MAN has been selected to be part of it’s “CATALYST” program that closes the festival. Catalyst is a special selection of 5-6 films that celebrates new voices, original visions, and up-and-coming talent in U.S. Independent filmmaking.

It is quite an honor for us.

We have also been selected to participate in the NEW AMERICAN CINEMA COMPETITION which features a selection of 12 directors who SIFF believes are emerging talents. For this competition the SIFF programmers choose the films based on distinctive vision, a unique voice, and promising future. The films must also be without US distribution. (So lucky for us, we don’t have a deal. Ha!!)

There will be other opportunities to see the film coming up  including a showing in Chicago in July (hopefully) NY soon after and another key premiere in LA in September.  As well as other festivals to come.   Thanks for your continued support.   

Here is the link to the fest:    http://www.siff.net/festival-2016/middle-man