March Update

Man, making a movie is a slow process!   Thanks for your patience everyone.

Time for an update.   A few people have been asking how it is going.  We are actually finishing up the final mix and final picture over the next 2 weeks.   And then that's the last of it.   We had hoped to have it all done by now but because we are depending on the kindness of others and their time and talent, the movie-work gets put off for paying-work when it comes to finishing.

We have been completing themusic and sound mix over the past few weeks and I have to say it sounds great.  Certainly takes the overall feel of the film up a couple notches.   

Next week we spend three days finishing the special effects and the color correct, final picture, end credits, and then the film will be locked and done.

Our goal still is to Premiere MIDDLE MAN at a top festival.  We had been sending rough work-in-progress cuts out along the way and have gotten into a number of good festivals but not the ones we want as a Premiere ( we only get one) so we decided to pause and wait until we had a final finished film before sending any more cuts out to festivals.   At least then we're putting our best foot forward.

There are no dates set yet but we also plan to try and do invited screenings as part of our Kickstarter program for those who bought pledge packages for a screening.   Hopefully we'll do these in April/May. 

Thanks again for your continued support.    We hope to wrap this sucker up end of month and then start up the festival push again.   We'll keep the news coming as it comes in.  In the mean time, please enjoy the shots of me staring at the back of the sound mixer's head.   Ned