A Post about Post

Hi everyone.

Here's a quick update on the film so you don't think we forgot about you.

We've been cutting furiously since we wrapped. We also did a number of pick up days to get the rest of what we needed. In fact this weekend we have one last night of pickups in the desert.

We've seen about 98% of the scenes roughed together. Still a lot of finessing to do but all, and I mean ALL the performances are strong. Each individual scene works, the tone is right, and the film overall looks amazing.  We are very lucky and excited.

As I said before, we still don't know what we have until it all comes together so that's the next step. But all the pieces are there and that's huge.

We hope to either have a rough cut in the Fall shortly afterwards and some sort of premiere for invited friends and guests and select Kickstarter supporters in both LA and Chicago.

In addition to the festivals we will also be pursuing straight to distribution as an option. Either way our goal is for it to get out there to a wide audience.

So that's it. Just wanted to keep everyone looped in. Still lots of work to do.

Lastly here's a little taste of the kind of things that goes into independent filmmaking.   There was a scene we had to pick up last week.   Jim's car has it's tire shot out and the rim scrapes on the road causing him to crash.   In a normal film.  A $100,000 stunt.  In our film we needed to find a way to make it look like the rim was dragging for ten dollars.   So we built a rig out of wood, barbell weights and skateboard "flint sparkers".

Here's the test from the night before we shot.  
 Desperation is the mother of invention (and no cash).   BTW -- it worked great on film.

Thanks for the support.