The Journey Begins

Sorry we've been quiet for a while but after the month of Kickstarter we were frankly exhausted.   So here's the plan.   We officially begin and intense month of prep beginning April 3 (which is the day Ned will arrive from long drive in LA).

That's when location scouting and callbacks and shooting schedule starts to lock in.   We will begin rolling cameras May 9th.   And are talking about a 19-22 day shoot.  Depending on where the budget lands.

So for those who are looking to join us on the set, we will be providing dates and options in the next month.   We will also be working towards fulfilling the other requests and putting out options for T-shirts etc.

So from here on out we will plan to send out weekly updates about casting, locations, productions, the good things and the bad things we run into.

And then we will do the same through productions. Fingers crossed. Looks like we're on our way.